Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Nervous

It's day 25 and I know that AF is on her way (which is totally positive this time around....the only time I am happy about her) and I am waiting for the doctor to call back & finalize the plans for April's IVF cycle. I am so nervous. I go from being sad & tearful to happy & on cloud 9 all day long (thanks hormones, I love you too....NOT!).

I am still dealing with the shoulder & neck pain from an injury last week. I had stopped taking the pain meds, because I was getting nothing accomplished. Unfortunately I think that may have been a mistake. Hopefully that won't require a trip back to the doctor, due to possible re-injury. Yes, I'm an idiot sometimes, in case that wasn't already established.

I am so thankful to everyone who has been so wonderful to me the past month or so. I cannot thank you all enough. And my husband- he gets a gold star for how great he's been (even from the dark depths of the ocean. Haha!)

Errands to run! Toodles my friends.

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