Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Less then 1 Week to go!

I have less then 1 week to go of my degree.  Of course the graduation ceremony isn't until mid October, but just the same I am considered done July 30th.  Or maybe a few days later once the final grade is inputted. Either way, July 30th is my last day of undergrad.  (Have I rambled enough to make my point?)
People in my real life know, and those who really pay attention here, that I never stepped foot on campus at Ashford. It was really only a University that allowed me to finish my BA while being a military wife thousands of miles away.  I found out last fall that MacMurray College considers me an alum and even though my degree won't be from there, I still consider it "my college."  It was where I lived in dorms, made friends for life, had fantastic professors that are now friends, joined a sorority and did a whole lot of fun stuff (and stupid stuff, but let's not dwell on that.)  Still....I am grateful to Ashford.  They made it simple for a Navy wife in Hawaii (and WA) to finish school at her own pace.

I got the email saying I can order my cap & gown today that I will wear when I walk across a stage in Iowa on a campus I am only seeing for the first time. 

So as surreal as it is, thank you Ashford. Thank you MacMurray!  Mostly thank you Mom and Avery.
To my Oma up in heaven, I am finally there.

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