Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Outakes: Seattle

As I've been nearing the end of schooling for my BA in Health & Human Services, school has pretty much taken up most of my weekends.  On the few weekends that I don't have assignments, we've ventured out and about just exploring our new area.

A few weekends ago, we decided to check out Seattle and the City Center area.  We took our car onto the ferry and did the 1 hour crossing to Seattle. (Thank goodness for the ferry, it is so much nicer then driving the whole way!)
Free picture taken at the Space Needle

City Center is a pretty neat place. Besides the Space Needle, there's a lot of museums to see too. We didn't go to the museums, but plan to go back a different day and do more. This was more of a "get a feel for the city" day.  We left Matthew's stroller in the car and just used his Ergo carrier. I was so glad, because they don't let you take strollers up to the Space Needle and the "stroller parking" is just an area off to the side with no once supervising them.  As people with an admittedly pricier stroller, there's no way we are leaving it unattended.  It was a cool day (duh, this is the Pacific Northwest!) but the sky was pretty clear so we could see the city from the top.

After we saw the Space Needle, Avery decided he wanted to take the 7 Deadly Wings Challenge at the WingDome Restaurant in West Seattle.  You have to eat 7 wings with this super thick, hot & fiery sauce in 7 minutes.  Avery loves hot & spicy food. This is the guy who owns 12 million scoville pepper food additive so the challenge was definitely up his alley.
During the challenge.

Done and all cleaned up.
After that, Avery wasn't feeling too well so we hopped on the ferry and came home.  Next time we go to Seattle, I definitely want to hit up Pike Street Market and the aquarium. So much to do so little time!
Until next time...toodles friends!


  1. Seattle is one of my favorite places to visit, being new to the area and all. Definitely check out Pike Street and bring extra bags if you want to pick up groceries. Food is so good there!

  2. we have a stroller lock for those places that have stroller parking.