Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is it August already?

Wow, August snuck in on me and the month is nearly halfway over already! 

School finished up and I got my final grade: an A- (missed the A+ by a breath, oh well!)  As of this morning, I was put in the "graduated" status.  My diploma only will take 6-8 weeks to appear at my house. Avery and I are surmising that they must use special imported paper on those for it to take that long. ;-)

Matthew and I traveled to Southern IL to visit my Mom at the beginning of the month.  As usual, my bad luck with United continued with delays, maintenance issues etc!  (For those wondering why I flew that airline, it was because I used airline miles to travel and finagled flying under my Mom's Premier status. The only perk of my air travel experience with United.)  Matthew did remarkably well considering the delays.  He ate and slept and charmed old ladies! He even went to sleep at a strange hotel when we got stuck in Chicago for a few hours. I was so pleased with my little dude. Such a champ. A very generous gal let him play with her iphone at one point.

There are tons of pictures from IL, but they'll have to wait for another day.  Today is a day of catch up.

I ended up having a CT scan of my sinus and yesterday the allergist went over the results with me. My right side has some deviation, but otherwise nothing is wrong with them. So she prescribed 2 different sets of nasal sprays.  I am beyond frustrated at this point. I don't even know what I should do now. I feel like I am stuck. If anyone has advice, please share it.

Otherwise, we are all doing well.  Toodles my friends!

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