Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday time is upon us!

Before I go into my holiday discussion...Happy Veteran's Day to all who serve & have served. This country and many others wouldn't be where they are today without the supreme United States fighting force. Bravo Zulu US Military...job well done & I thank you!

Despite the fact that the stores have pushed Christmas to begin in August/September...I am just now getting into that spirit. I like to celebrate Halloween & get excited for Thanksgiving before I am ready for Christmas. It's like I need a warm-up period. :-)

Thanksgiving should be a merry one. I can't wait for all the good food. Yummy in my tummy! Matthew will probably enjoy it too...he digs any & all food. Then shopping the day after; I never go the crazy get up at 4am route (though doing that just 1 time is on my bucket list.) I'm the type who gets up around 7am...eats and heads for the mall. Then stop at Target on the way home & if they still have things left, I say yay & if not I say oh well.  I even shopped last year, 33+ weeks pregnant and without any back-up, because we were in Hawaii & Avery had duty. Actually, it was incredibly fun and is a fond memory I keep with me. This year, I may use the stroller as a way to push   keep people at a safe distance from me. Is that bad to use your baby as a way to get through the crowds? Yeah, probably...someone call the priest. (Though our priest would probably laugh...he has a big sense of humor.)

This year is Matthew's first Christmas. I am still debating where to put the Christmas tree up so that it is safe from little hands. It honestly may go in the dining room (just gotta move a bookshelf over a little), where Little Dude is baby gated out of going without parental supervision.

As always I love to buy gifts for other people. We adopted a child off the angel tree at our church. I picked a girl who likes Barbie & Disney. Definitely a kid I'd have been friends with if I were a kid.

I am also participating in Tales of a Sailor's Soulmate's stocking swap. I get to fill a stocking full of neat things  and mail it to my buddy. I love stuff like this!

Happy Holidays all! I can't wait!!

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