Monday, November 5, 2012

What's up in words....

So you saw the pictures last week.  (Yes, I know my son is one of the cutest children on the planet. ;-)  Today I figured I could actually put words out there.  What can I say, I was mildly lazy last week.

So at the beginning of October, Matthew & I got on yet another set of planes and hustled it from Seattle to Illinois/Iowa for my college graduation shindig. The weather in the midwest that weekend was horrid to say the least, so most of the exciting activities got canceled...which bummed me out. Oh well, I still got to see the  Ashford University campus. To say it's small would be an understatement. But with most of their students online, they really don't need a big campus. Seeing the kids who do live there made me feel old. They looked so incredibly young. Did I look that young at 18? The graduation ceremony itself was very long, but my name got called and I nabbed that diploma cover.

Matthew turned 9 months old and had a kidney ultrasound on the 23rd of October. At 9 months, not much has changed from 8 months. He still wears 6 month clothes, was wearing size 2 diapers..only changed to size 3 because I used up my stockpile of size 2, he crawls quite fast and is into everything! He pulls himself up on everything too! Our home is baby gate central. He loves the kitties, despite Blackie batting at him like a toy mouse.
His kidney ultrasound was quite the adventure as he kept moving around and they insisted on about 50 pictures...jeez! Even his kidney doctor asked why they took so many. As for his kidney's they now both show hydronephrosis. But again the kidney doctor says the AAP won't recommend anything be done yet. So we get to wait out another 6 months. I honestly hope after the next 6 months that it has either corrected itself or they do something, because this waiting game stinks. His growth was also still concerning to her, despite him looking fine to us.

Matthew celebrated his first Halloween and was very curious about the kids coming to the door. It down poured half the time, but we still had a fair amount of trick or treaters. Matthew was a tiger cat. I drew whiskers on his face, though he wasn't really patient with that so one side looked really funny.

Now it's November and we are busy with church activities. I can't wait for Thanksgiving & Christmas shopping. 

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