Friday, November 16, 2012

The Year of Faith

My fellow Catholics will probably immediately understand the title of this post, but for everyone else I'll explain... Every year the Pope (the important guy in Rome) selects a topic for focus upon in the year. [Quickly let me clarify that the new church year has just doesn't start January 1st.] This year it is faith. Last night, while my wonderful spouse stayed home with my Little Dude, I went to a talk at our parish about what this means. And while obviously it's geared towards practicing Catholics, I think it can be applied to all Christians. This year we have the opportunity to really examine our faith, make it stronger, and to see if we are living what we believe.

This speaks to me, because in the past 8 years, I have really been struggling with my faith off & on. I have done and said things that are not the way I want to represent myself. I have not respected myself.  It's interesting that infertility started giving me clarity on this issue. As our battle to have our son raged on, I finally turned to God and began re-examining my faith. While this was great, I still wasn't committed to going to church. I can't even tell you what brought me to go to Mass on that Sunday in August of this year. But whatever it was, I've kept going back there. I walked into church last night and felt comfortable there. Like I belonged in that parish. Finding a church home has helped so much. I look forward to getting up on Sunday and going to church.

My close friends know how much of a struggle I am having adjusting to Washington. I often remark that I feel the Navy is punishing me. But this is my year of faith....I am not going to let rainy Washington get me down. Here's to a new year and a year of faith!

Ps. This wasn't meant to alienate those who are Jewish, not Christian whatever...I have nothing against any of you.

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