Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This time last year

EDIT:  This was written yesterday, 1/14/2013. I forgot to get it posted.

Today in January of 2012 was my due date with Little Dude. Of course he didn't come out until a week later, because he liked the comfort of hanging out with Mommy.  A year later and we're almost a week from celebrating his 1st birthday and he's sitting on my head....I'm only sort of kidding. At this very moment he is literally sitting on my shoulders & head laughing, pulling my hair and sticking his feet in my face (wow they smell...I swear we bathe him!)

What a year it has been! (Which is something I will continue to say for the next several weeks so get used to it!)

I wrote in my journal a year ago that I just wanted to have the baby. I was tired of being pregnant. I weighed the most I'd ever weighed in my life and it hurt to carry that around. Plus, after all the years of infertility I wanted the happy ending. I wanted to meet the baby, that changed my life. Made me part of "the club" (you know the invisible Mommy club that until you are pregnant or adopt a child, you're not included in.)

This year with Matthew I can't even express the joy and the enormous positive changes in me he has enabled just with his presence. I've grown so much. I have the privilege of being his Mother forever.
My husband and I have grown together, simply because we have to rely on one another to care for a little person. Seeing my husband be a Dad is incredible. He is good at it. Seriously good at it!
I've gotten to see my own Mom become Nana. A role that fits her like a glove. That lady was born to be a Nana. Her love for my son makes me love her even more.

I don't do well with words on paper, compared to my spouse, but I am working on a real letter to Matthew. Someday he'll read it and either wonder if his Mom is crazy or a sentimental lady. Let's hope the latter.

We are not doing a big party for Matthew this year. I am worn out and he won't remember this anyway. Next year, I'll owe him one.

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  1. I totally understand how you feel, when I was preg with Lil M, I was anxious for him to come out too!! Battling infertility and having to go through IVF changes you. I am very excited that you are 23 weeks :) congrats on baby #2! and thanks for following my blog