Monday, April 15, 2013

Exhaustion and all that jazz....

I'm at the end of my second pregnancy and I'm hitting the wall. I am T.I.R.E.D! (Okay, okay I've pretty much been exhausted the whole go around this time with the exception of a few blissful weeks around 16-20 weeks.) I am ready to have this baby and start the terrifying adventure which is being the Mom of two children under 2. 
Yesterday I finally sort of forced myself to actually work in Julia's nursery. The closet looks AMAZING now, if I can brag for a moment. I had this grand plan to hang up every last piece of clothing she owns, but after going through the first 30 hangers I decided I'd just hang through size 3 months (and 1 odd outfit that is size 0-6months.) That only used up close to 60 hangers (don't judge...I didn't buy it all myself.) The rest I put in neatly labeled plastic bins.  Now my husband has no excuse not to put the crib together. He's pretty handy with that stuff so I am honestly certain it'll get done this week; he just really wanted the clothes out of his way. He rocks like that.  I also finally ordered her crib bedding set and got her a crib mattress...because she might need somewhere to sleep. ;-) Today I painted wooden letters that spell out her name in a very appropriate paint colored called Parisian Pink. They aren't as big as I envisioned so me thinks they'll go on her door. The rest of the decor for her room is all in my head still. I'm really stuck on what to do in there...I blame it on exhaustion. I just can't make any decisions.
When we moved here last year we became the proud owners of a lovely LG Washer & Dryer set. Seriously these things rock my socks....if you're in the market I recommend them, not that I have much to compare them with. Today I finally figured out how to use the steam feature on my dryer...who knew it could be so simple? The owners manual...that's who! I used it to sterilize/cleanse/whatever some stuffed animals. Genius!
Have I talked about the new house on here much? Yeah I don't think I have. It's pretty much 100% awesome...minus one very irritating fact: our cell phone service for making calls is horrendous!! Calls drop randomly and without warning. Verizon finally sent us out a Network Extender. Yeah guess what? Calls still drop even when we are supposedly under the network extender's coverage area. About the only place you can generally guarantee you'll be able to complete a phone call is sitting right next to the thing. We are seriously contemplating getting a land line now just to have a reliable phone at the house. Otherwise...again we love the house and one of these days I will finish decorating it and maybe share the pictures on FB.

Whelp, gotta go....Little Dude is awake from nap. Toodles friends!

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