Thursday, March 10, 2016

What's Up Friends?? Here's a list!

I've tried to get over here and blog AT least 3 times and it just hasn't happened. Pamela we need a new blog challenge STAT...can you find us one?

So what's been up here?

Benjamin is teething again/continuously?? Seriously this kid is on track to have all his teeth ASAP! I guess I shouldn't complain, but man the poor baby can't get a break. He's so miserable with these next chompers that he's waking 3 times a night. Can we go back to just 1 wake up a night? I swear I won't complain about it.

Matthew is getting over cold number 50 for the school year. Thankfully he handles them pretty well.

Julia is...drum roll please...POTTY TRAINING!!! I just decided to go for it Sunday afternoon and we are off. It's no fun, I hate potty training with a passion, but it's not completely horrible. Now ask me in 2 weeks if I still feel content about it. Haha!!

I've decided in the parenting realm of things we all must deal with that teething, stomach bugs and potty training all rank up there with hellacious at times. See me again for an updated list when the teenage years hit.

Hubby and I are getting our papers together to buy a house. When this is finally over and we've moved for the 4th time in 4 years someone bring me a cocktail and burn my moving boxes.

Cross your fingers...I have the opportunity to get a volunteer position with the Navy that I would LOVE to have. It would look amazing on my resume too. Thanks!!

The kiddos and I are off to their favorite place: Costco!

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