Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm SO Jealous!

There I said it. I am so freakin' jealous of all the people with babies or who are pregnant. I thought I was handling it pretty well until last night at our monthly FRG meeting. I came home and was so grumpy, because you see I despise being jealous of people, just despise it. If I could cross jealousy out of my emotional system I would.

The only way I sort of, minorly dealing with this, is that I am thinking of all the things my spouse and I are able to do while it's just the two of us. Yeah, it's not working very well, but I am trying.

Btw, I think people should be jealous of how cute my pets are. Seriously, my black & white cat is the cutest little guy out there. And then there's my little grey kitty....what an adorable little adventurer. Don't even get me started on my dog: he tops all the dogs on the block for his cuteness.

See I can brag about my animals, just as other brag about their kids. Forgive how rude this post ended up being....I just couldn't help myself.


  1. You know you shouldn't apologize, right? At least, not about how you feel in this post.

    And pets are way better than kids... no matter how much we want kids. You can leave them home without a babysitter, they don't talk back (Claire does) and you can tie them up outside when they really piss you off!

  2. It does seem like everybody is in some stage or another of children-having! But I agree, animals are awesome. My cats sleep through the night, feed themselves, and were potty-trained when we got them. :)

  3. You should never apologize for feeling the way you do. Plain and simple.

    And I AM jealous of your pets. I cat wait until DH gets off his duff and we can finally go get that cat he's been promising me.