Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blogging Challenges aren't for me....

It's apparent that blogging challenges are not for me. Or at least ones that do not have defined rules. If I ever do a blogging challenge I will have to do one that has been set up by someone else and not one I make up.

Sooooo....to update you all on my life since the last post:

1. I got a job working in high end retail. High end only makes me like it a little more, because at least it requires me to dress nicely for work. For some reason I really like jobs where I have a uniform or dress clothes of some type. (Oh and the name of said work place will be kept anonymous just in case I decide to b*tch about work.)

2. I adopted an adorable little dog, named Stanley. My husband is so not excited about him and I am fairly certain is finding every reason to hate him. BUT I am determined and this dog stays.
He makes me feel a tiny bit less depressed about the infertility problem.

3. We have a definite reason for our infertility (finally) and we also have more questions. My irritation/frustration/anger/upset about the whole thing has finally reached the point where I feel I should apologize to all those suffering from infertility too, because I really didn't understand it fully until recently. I can see why marriages fail due to this issue. It's maddening. I am there and it is maddening.

4. I am to be an Auntie. My best friend and soul sister, Angie, is pregnant. And while I so wish it was me and am jealous as hell...I am happy for her. She's going to be the cool & awesome Mom on the block.

5. My spouse will be home soon. I rocked this Eastpac....sort of...most of the time...kind of....yeah....

Take care all......hopefully I will do better with blogging this month.


  1. Stanley is adorable!!!!! I'm so glad you finally have a reason for your infertility. I would imagine that was a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. I'm also glad to hear that your hubby will be home soon! Reunions are the best!

  2. Hi! I'm a Navy wife too. Congrats on the job and the dog! Stanley looks like quite the character. :)