Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random things about me that I knew you all wanted to know...

1. I adore cats and dogs and no, I don't have a favorite of the two. If it's cute, cuddly and not a rodent I will give it the time of day.

2. I seriously believe our first child will be a boy, even though I would prefer a girl first.

3. I really like buying make-up even though I don't wear it every day.

4. I need to be a military wife, because I need the breaks from my spouse. I am very independent and feel suffocated if he's not working.

5. I love my husband way more then I ever express.

6. Bookstores soothe me when I am stressed.

7. Pledging my sorority made me so tense I smoked cigarettes and chewed ice like a mad woman.

8. Coincidentally I am no longer interested in either action.

9. I have recently re-discovered my love for the color pink.

10. I never gained the freshmen 15 in college.

11. Voicemail annoys me....I hate checking it and wish people wouldn't leave me messages unless it's absolutely important.

12. I really want a GPS for the car, but I am not sure which is the best one for the best price etc. so I keep not buying one.

13. I wish I could've given my Grandparents a Great-Grandchild before they passed away.

14. Since my Oma died, I fear my Mom's death a lot more.

15. My Mom is my bestfriend.

16. I know I am blessed to have the healthcare that I do and I am very grateful for it.

17. YouTube = great idea and a minor addiction for me.

18. One of my favorite sodas is called Ski and is made in Southern Illinois.

19. I love to roam Costco and look at everything they offer for sale.

20. I really love a good pair of jeans. So much so that when I find a pair I like I buy them, even though I have plenty of other pairs at home.

21. Black dresses are a new obsession for me. I love 'em!

22. I didn't like leggings until my job forced me to try our brand on and now I adore them. Though it should be noted that the only leggings I like are from our company. (Seriously, the ones we sell are the best I have found, in terms of comfort & fit.)

23. Pretzels & chocolate are a great combo....I will try almost anything with such a combination.

24. I play farmville on facebook.

25. Rainy days are some of my favorite kind of days.

26. The only person I trust to cut/color my hair lives near my Mom's house in Southern Illinois. I have yet to find someone in Hawaii that I trust as much as her.

27. My favorite two professors in college didn't even teach in my degree field.

28. I have an email pen pal that lives in Canada.

29. I was raised Lutheran, but became a Catholic in high school. It was the best decision I have made for my faith.

30. I become more conservative the older I get.

31. I could be a spokesperson for Pampered Chef....I love their products that much.

32. I do not want to sell Pampered Chef despite my love for it.

33. My kitchen is done in red.

34. I really want a Pink Circuit Expression, but I am unwilling to pay $400 for it.

35. Student loans are the biggest pain in the booty for me.

36. Valparaiso University sends me Alumni newsletters even though I only went there for 1 year.

37. Veet is my friend when I am too lazy to actually shave my legs.

38. People who are always debbie downers or negative nancys drive me bonkers.

39. I wish my Mom's house were my house (without the mortgage payment.)

40. Though I have battled eating disorders for many years, I don't count calories.

41. Scrapbooking is my favorite expensive hobby.

42. Verizon has been my cell phone provider for almost 10 years.

43. The only new years resolution I can honestly say I've kept, was what I resolved this year and that was to chose to be happy. So glad I kept that one.

44. It's taken me 3 days to complete this list so far. :-)

45. I can't sew, despite the fact that both my Grandma's sew/sewed and my Mom sews.

46. I had to suck up to the Home Economics teacher in 7th & 8th grade to pass sewing with an A.

47. My Mom helped me pass sewing class in middle school, even though after thinking about it that was probably cheating....but oh well.

48. I am vain about my appearance and I admit it.

49. I am a master at giving cats medication.

50. Wish I could see my Scamper dog one last time. I miss him.

Ok....50 is a good number for now. Have a good day friends...romans...countrymen!


  1. That was really cute and interesting! As for the GPS, I think it's pretty much an essential for a military wife. I have no sense of direction and always dreaded learning my way around new duty stations until we got our Garmin. I think all of the smart phones have a navigation application, too.

    Also, I agree about voice mail, and my mom is also my best friend. :)

  2. We have Garmins too! They're useless on base, of course.

    My stylist is at home in Michigan. I haven't been to her in a couple of years because the timing of my trips home is always so bad, but I've never committed to a specific salon in the places we've lived since I left home.

    If we do end up having children, I have a feeling that I will not want to have a boy. Maybe I should stick to cats.