Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is it October already?

Wow, September just flew past me.

I have nothing new to report, except that I still am aggravated with work. I miss my stay at home wife days....a little, but I honestly think I keep the job because I like not being at home as much. It feels good to be a contributing member of society outside of just my house & family.

Avery finally got his reward for extending on the boat, so he is in Cali with his Mom. He seems lonely and I am lonely for him. Yet I know this is good for him to go and see people.

This weekend was a long weekend for me. The first weekend I have had off from work in a long time. It has felt so nice and I am dreading it coming to an end tonight.

Time for "fall" in Hawaii, which really just means a little more rain and a lot more heavy, hot air. My asthma reminds me how awful this crap is and how lovely a fall in Illinois would be...someday we'll be there again.


  1. I've been missing home lately, too. Fall is my favorite season and California doesn't have it. I can't wait to live in the midwest again!

  2. This reminds me that I STILL have your birthday present sitting in a box. Eff me. I'll try and send it this week!