Monday, October 18, 2010

Life in Pictures

Grace (cutest gray/tortoiseshell kitty ever!) & Blackie (Black & white scaredy, but sweet cat.)
Hanging out in the kitchen cabinets. This is how they help make dinner.

Stanley, our handsome dude dog!
He celebrated turning 6 years old (& being ours for 6 months) with a trip to Petco, where he nearly killed himself jumping out a moving shopping cart.

Me, dressed for casual Friday at work.

Avery starting his day off with an energy drink. Stanley is concerned about where his Daddy is going. He doesn't like having to drop Dad off on the base, especially when there's also a sea bag in the car.Avery, my handsome sailor man!

"Wait for me, Dad, wait for me! I wanna go on the submarine too!"

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  1. Oh my gosh, Grace looks exactly like my Lola. I just love that coloring.