Friday, December 3, 2010

Shopping & Other News

I am addicted to shopping this week. Thankfully I have been able to minimize my shopping to only yesterday (okay and today, because we know I will be shopping since Avery has duty...duh!) I don't shop that often, so I feel the occasional fun is acceptable. I saved a ton with coupons at the commissary this week, as that leaves room in the budget for a little fun.

I had a productive appointment on Tuesday with the doctor. He's amazing and I am as comfortable as I can be with "the plan." No IUI this was too late. However, they could tell the drugs worked. That led to the plan of drugs & IUI in the new cycle...that is if the holidays don't interfere (meaning the office is closed for Xmas.) Plus, the additional plan of banking samples to continue to IUI after Avery deploys. Yay, I like a good plan!

My bestfriend is sooo close to giving birth to my niece. I am ridiculously excited. I wish I could fly to Chi-town this month.

I want snow. Can you believe I am saying that? I can't either. Really though, I want snow. The weather is rainy & miserable here. Snow would kill all the pesky allergens and make my eyes happier.

Breakfast time...until we meet again in front of our computers!


  1. Plans are good! I miss snow too. It only ever rains here and gets sort of cold. I want real, everything frozen, too cold to be outside winter. Ok, obviously I'm homesick!

  2. I know we haven't talked in a long time, but good luck with the Clomid & IUI! I'm glad the clomid seems to be doing the trick for you!

    A lot of people say IUIs aren't that helpful, but definitely do it! Our first one worked right off the bat (though I was on injections with it)... Just have to wait until August now!