Thursday, December 16, 2010

Well that was interesting....

The plan began today. I had the saline sonogram and it was totally not at all what I was expecting. They literally put saline in your uterus and take a look at it. Well mine looked good. Yep, that's right my uterus is a good one. LOL It was uncomfortable and the cramping I am experiencing after it is not so fun. Then I had to go have labs drawn and get the medication. (Oh and the convoluted way I am getting my lab results to my fertility doctor is a trip too. My extremely nice dietitian will print them for me...thus saving us money & a trip to an outside lab, since the military lab won't share results with the civilian doctor. How ridiculous!) Jeez, it's such a production to have a baby! I can't imagine how it'll be like if we ever have to do IVF.

I am out of my funk. I think it was all related to hormones. The hubster will be pleased. He's back from a brief underway today and will hopefully be allowed home soon. I am craving pizza from Costco and that place is not open late.

I have to mail out all the Christmas gifts and cards tomorrow. According to the news, Friday is the last day for guaranteed priority mail Christmas delivery from Hawaii to the Mainland. Personally, I think that the USPS is wrong and that it's really Monday, but whatever. Friday it is!

Peace....I need to find a ham for the holidays (why I procrastinated on this, I don't know....)

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