Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello, update for you all!

First, hello hello to my new followers! It really makes a gal feel good to know you want to read what I write. :-)  I've had so many blog topics come to mind that I don't even know where to start! (My husband always asks why I take such long showers...well it's because I am blogging in my head. Haha!)

31 Weeks: This week I'm still getting over this dang lingering head cold. I'm exhausted from it and pregnancy of course.  I hit 31 weeks...holy moly where did this pregnancy go? It's flown past me at the speed of light. I've decided if I could pick a date for her to be born that May 6th would be perfect! Why that date you ask, well it's my Grandma's birthday and it will allow for my son to see the kidney doctor without any interruption or re-scheduling.  Now that I've said this she'll either come earlier or be late of course! So in 9 weeks I'll be thanking myself for the jinx. ;-)

Her nursery: On the chance you don't follow me on Pinterest (which you should, btw) or don't talk to me on a regular basis, her room theme is Paris/Eiffel Towers with Minnie Mouse accents. Sounds odd in writing I realize, but it looks cute all together in my head. The colors are pink and black. We move next week so her nursery will be getting started for real soon. And will not just be a bunch of pins on pinterest and stuff in Rubbermaid bins.  Speaking of moving...I wish I could close my eyes and have it done already! The build-up is too much for this control freak. My husband laughs at me now. He is much more laid back then I am.

My Mom Car: I forgot to tell you shout it from the rooftops that we bought a new-to-us car recently. I joke with my husband that it is my Mom car, since we got it to haul the babies and all their stuff. It's a Honda Pilot  and I love it!! We weren't planning to even look at Honda I'll admit, but another dealership we were at had it on the lot for sale and we scored a good deal on it. Car salesmen humor me. The things they say remind me of what I was taught to tell people when I sold Kirby Vacuum cleaners for a few months one summer in college. I had to keep turning away to not laugh at the guy. He was nice, but he's a salesman first.

Matthew:  Little Dude is also getting over a cold and has conjunctivitis on top of it all. Hopefully he's better soon. I hate, hate, hate seeing him so miserable. It just breaks my heart. With the exception of the UTI, which alerted us to his kidney condition, at 4 months old he really had no illness during his first year. I guess at almost 14 months old he's making up for it!

THE MOVE: We take possession of the new house on Friday. I am stressing...just a tiny bit...and praying this goes smoothly & as painless as possible. Once we're all moved in we have until the afternoon of the 25th to have our current house in white glove clean condition to return it to the military. That's a quarters to quarters move for you folks...quick & tiring. Oh and contrary to many of my civilian friends confusion...they (the military) do not move you for these. We have to do this all ourselves. My goal is to be settled quickly though. And people who know me know I will make that happen. I'm sure I'll have a few funny stories about it though. :-)

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm cooking corned beef, buttered cabbage and mashed red potatoes. Oh and I'm not even remotely Irish, I just know good food. ;-) Have a lovely day friends!

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