Friday, March 29, 2013


Okay so that title is probably an over reaction. 
Let's just say if you ask me the move started out as a fiasco! My husband who is a much more laid back guy would say I'm going overboard in saying that. (Good thing he's the active duty military dude and I'm not.) Friday started out well I thought we went and signed our new lease, did the walk through the new house and then the movers called saying they were at the gate. Right on schedule...I was pleased as peaches.  I finished the house walk through and waited for the call saying things were getting moved. Unfortunately, the first call was from my husband informing me that he was at the Main Gate to the base and that of the 2 movers, one was being arrested by the sheriff and being hauled off to jail.
[Let me refresh my civilian friend's memories....we live on a very secure base and the US Marines will shoot you (long story) if you aren't where you're supposed to be with the right clearance. Anyway, if you are a contractor (like a mover) you will be background checked before you can come on the base and if you have a warrant or anything they don't like you will not be allowed on base.] 
I ask Avery what is going to happen and he naturally tells me not to panic. Just call the moving company. Before I can do that the owner calls me and is "so embarrassed." I calmly told him I was very angry and to find someone else to come out & do my move. He then tries to get me to use a different moving company and I refused. I had one day to get this done & I hired him; it's like honor your commitment buddy! Long story short...he did finally send someone else out and the 2 kids (they had to be only like 18 years old) did the move taking far longer then I ever anticipated. It was ridiculous!! The only positive was that due to his extreme embarrassment the owner heavily discounted the move. Which is good, because had he not I would've left a very bad review on every online site his company is advertised. Now I just will call us even and write no reviews at all.
By Saturday we were completely in the new house and unpacking. Sunday, Avery & I spent the afternoon cleaning the old house. By Tuesday we were free of the house and now on Friday I feel like life in the new house is becoming normalized and for a planner like myself it feels good.  I love the new house!

Due to my current state of extreme discomfort from pregnancy, we are staying here for Easter. We'll take Matthew to the church egg hunt tomorrow and then do Mass on Sunday. It'll be pretty low key for us. I bit the bullet and took Matthew to see the mall Easter bunny since I had missed the one at the Navy Exchange. He did fine...he just refused to smile and instead sat there with a very serious expression the whole time. He finally looked up at the bunny and it seemed cute so we went with that picture. It was pricey though...jeez do the malls gouge crazy parents like me. Lesson learned!!

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