Friday, September 13, 2013

Catching up: Blogtember

I've been a little distracted/busy this week. Plus the weather has been warm & just gorgeous out so I had to enjoy it before the real fall & winter rain set in for good.
SO....Tuesday's prompt was describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn. I have several so I'm not really sure I can pick one. So we're skipping that one.
Wednesday's prompt was to share links to your favorite online shops. My favorite online shop is: Amazon. Seriously...I have the app on my phone and look at the site several times a week. I got Amazon prime on a free trial & liked it so much I paid for it. I can't beat the convenience factor of it.  

Thursday's prompt was to describe how social media & blogging has changed you. Well obviously it has made me more open to the world. But it also has motivated me to do better. I've read blogs that just inspire me and make me want to press on. There's a blog I used to read, which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore, that motivated me to finish my degree. It wasn't a motivational blog but the lady who wrote it had such a way with words that she made me want to finish my degree so I could do amazing things in life.  (Wow that sounds cheesy as heck...I really don't mean it to be cheesy.)

Today's prompt is easier. It is a self portrait. I have 2.
Ready for the Ombudsman Appreciation Dinner. I felt really pretty. 

Last night. What I look like with no make-up on.

Thanks for reading along. See you Monday!

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