Saturday, October 26, 2013

5 Months Old! Already?!?

5 Months old
For some reason, I can't find the 5 month pictures. I know I took them. Perhaps they didn't make it on the computer like I thought they did. Anyway...Oct. 21st, Julia turned 5 months old. I remember thinking when Matthew turned this age that he seemed so "old" and with Julia I don't feel that way at all. Maybe it's her small size, but she just seems younger. Literally nothing has changed from her 4 month stats...except maybe her weight (I'm sure it's increased, but we don't see the doctor for anything official until next month.) She's still wearing the same size clothes, diapers, shoes etc!
We've started transitioning her to her crib. Some nights are better then others.  Her sleep has been better...though I do miss the days of her sleeping from 10pm-5am. Oh well. We'll keep working on it.
She'd mastered rolling over months ago, but now does both back to tummy and tummy to back. As seen in the above picture, she loves to grab onto anything she can and hold it.
She loves to be held and snuggle, which is so nice since her brother is too independent for snuggles.

I'm still back and forth with feeling at peace with 2 kids. I wish I knew how you got to that point. It's reasonable for our family to be complete and when I was pregnant with Julia I felt that peace & certainty. Now it's a struggle...not sure why.

I've got some ideas for the blog and am hoping to implement them as soon as I get over this annoying cold I've got. I hate being sick. Anything that causes me to be down & out for the count just irks me. I like being on the go and illness doesn't allow that.

Toodles...hope to see you soon.

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