Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's Happening this week....

Miss Julia has her first tooth coming through. We noticed it yesterday morning!  It explains some fussiness on her part. She didn't sleep so well last night either. Poor thing. Matthew has always struggled when getting teeth and it appears that our Little Sis is the same way.
Just after typing this I noticed how many nicknames we have for Julia. So far she's called: Jewels, J, Peanut, Princess, Little Sis, Ju Ju (Matthew calls her this), Baby Sis and Little Miss. I'm probably forgetting some too. I don't think Matthew has even half that many nicknames. But just for the record, Matthew's nicknames are: M, Chew, Big Brother and Little Dude. [Notice for all those who love my kids: Matt & Matty are not on the list. While those are great nicknames...I've decided he will have to ask for them if he wants them used for himself. Oh and by the way, I realize giving my son a name that could be nicknamed was an obvious target for such nicknames, but I can still object.]

I made popcorn balls last night for a command fundraiser. They weren't as simple as I'd hoped just in terms of the messiness factor. I don't really like messes. This little idiosyncrasy began when I was very young and would demand my Mom "clean me" when I would eat. If you want to know how bad it is...I visibly cringe when mixing & shaping meat loaf. I've literally had to train myself to deal with it. My husband laughs and I admit it's sort of funny.  But anyway...the popcorn balls turned out well and tasted good. Hope the sailors and civilians like them.

 As you may recall, I had a cold over the weekend. It's taking frigin' forever (okay...forever to my impatient self) to go away. Though the fact that Rite Aid can't seem to refill my one allergy med is not helping said situation. I've had to take out my contacts for the day and not wear make-up less I rip my eyeball out. Ugh!

I'm listening to Matthew say "hi" to Siri on my iphone right now. She's apparently confused by him. Hehehe!!

We're looking forward to Halloween tomorrow. Our friends who just PCS'd here are coming over and I think it'll be a good evening. The chance of rain is anywhere from 20-40% but it's WA so who knows. To me you trick or treat no matter the weather (it's my good old Midwestern roots coming through!)

Whelp....getting ready to head to a meeting.  Toodles!

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