Monday, October 28, 2013

Just thinking

Did anyone read this article recently? I don't know how or where I found it, but I read it and immediately cried my eyes out and emailed my husband at work (which if you know know I don't do this generally.) If you hadn't read it or didn't read the link now. It's about a 15 year old boy in the foster care system asking for someone to adopt him.  Here's part of why it spoke to me: when we started down the infertility road I stumbled upon a number of blogs about adoption so I read a lot of people's personal stories on the subject. Due to reading these blogs I have learned a lot about the state of adoptions in this country. can be very difficult to adopt in the United States.  So the next time you admonish people for adopting outside the USA, think about that.  Also, most people don't want older kids. For obvious reasons. Older kids come with more challenges. So when I read this article for some reason I felt compelled to ask my husband if we could adopt this boy. Now I know it sounds crazy & off the wall. And before those who know me in real life start we are not adopting this boy or any child any time soon.  But it does plant the seed in my head.
I asked recently how people knew they were done having children and felt at peace with the decision. This is a question I'm going to struggle with for awhile I think. It's definitely on my prayer list. Anyway...maybe this is my answer. Maybe I am done doing pregnancies (which let's face it, pregnancy and I do not get along very well) and instead need to do something else.

Anyway....just thinking....

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