Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Random Ramblings!

Has it really been a week since I last blogged?? Yikes! No blog prompts really do let me slack off on this I guess!  This week I was busy teaching Compass (a Navy spouse mentoring program) and on Compass weeks things just do not get done on the regular schedule. I managed to grocery shop on Tuesday like normal, but then the kiddos skipped nap that day. Laundry however has not gotten all! Thankfully we own plenty of clothes.

I know a lot of people don't like being busy, but for me...I need to have things to do or I just sit here wondering what to do with myself.  Then once the busy stuff is done, I can have a low key day and be happy. Low key days more than once or twice a week though is too much for me. It feels lazy. (BTW, not judging anyone who can do a lot of low key's just not for me.)  I am a get dressed and do something kind of person. I like action! To the point that I cannot be productive if I am wearing pajamas or lounge clothes.

Matthew will be 4 really soon. Can we really have a 4 year old?? Wow has time flown by! On Tuesday he asked me when he gets to wear a red sweater to school (the K-8 kids wear a uniform and a red sweatshirt/sweater is part of that) and I may have felt a little sad.  Then I went to answer him and realized we're about 18 months away from starting Kindergarten. WOW!!

Julia....well I've gotten a ton of undies, pull-ups and I have plans to make a chart tomorrow. Potty training will be commencing after her brother's birthday (I'd start sooner, but I won't make my Mom who is coming to visit potty train my kid...that seems unfair.)

Benjamin is growing too fast. I got the jumperoo out of the garage and he's not so sure he likes it. His siblings call it their space ship. Hmm!!!

I finished my first book of 2016! And am now attempting to get through a continued education book. Since I am not really using my degree I try to read a book or 2 on health & human service topics just to feel like I am doing something. The book is dry...I am bored.

My Woodland Cottage planner cover for my Erin Condren planner that my Mom got me for Christmas supposedly has a shipping label created, so I am hoping that it gets to her house before she comes here next week. I really want to see what she picked out....she's hinted, but won't tell me specifically.  One thing I dislike about Etsy is they will say that an item has shipped, but when you really read the tracking it may only be that the label was created. A label doesn't mean that it got to the post office.

Gotta go...the littlest boy is awake from nap!

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