Friday, January 29, 2016


I had really truly planned to blog 3 times this week and then Monday we got hit with the unexpected. Matthew went in for his 4 year well child check up and Benjamin also had an appointment. Honestly at first the medical assistant and I were sort of confused as to why Benjamin was being seen. The substitute pediatrician had just said in December to bring him back in a month b/c he'd missed a few well baby exams during our life transition while we had no insurance. We were just going to say forget it when the medical assistant suggested we just have him weighed & let our new pediatrician meet him. 
The sh*t sort of hit the fan then. He'd lost weight. A half a pound. Which for most people is no big deal, but for a little baby is really bad news.  For some completely unknown reason my milk supply just has slowly declined. It is incredibly frustrating. 
Today I saw a Lactation Consultant and she was great. She got us a great plan to put in place. 
It makes me sad. I've been so tired, anxious and crying over this. I know for some people this is probably silly. I really love this bond with my baby. I am praying we can get this to work out better. 

I am tired!

Pray for us or send good thoughts! 

On a random side note: Matthew is doing great. He was 40 inches tall and 36 pounds at age 4. For a kid who struggled to put on the weight himself, that is pretty darn awesome! Our once Little Dude is a big dude now!

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