Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday. I haven't got a blog prompt to get me started. So I am just going to fill the page up and hope something inspiring/silly/whatever comes to me!

Currently: I am doing nothing productive except browse Etsy shops.

I am listening:  to Benjamin fuss in his crib. He's barely napped today and in general has been a bear lately. Not sure if it's teething more or something else.

I feel: the warmth of Blackie the cat who insists on sharing the chair with me. 

I am wearing: jeans, a University of Alabama t-shirt, a mint colored fleece zip-up and my Cubs hat. (I didn't put any makeup on today, so I tossed the hat on to do preschool pick up.) I promise this doesn't look as bad as it sounds on paper.

I need: to go to Costco when the older kiddos wake up from nap. For some reason I am dreading it. I usually love Costco.

It was: Recycling day today and boy did we have a ton! Glad that stuff is gone. Wish I could recycle half the house right now. I feel cluttered again!

I forgot: to get the fish out for dinner to defrost. Oops! Meal plan A out the window. Now to figure out meal plan B! Matthew will want pizza from Costco, but Mom is tired of that.

I'm loving: the new book I am reading. It's a memoir by a neurosurgeon in England, called "Do No Harm"

I'm watching: the world go by. Haha, not really.  Thanks to my amazing FIL, I am watching some shows via his Dish Network account. I am sure he loves The Bachelor as much as me. I finished the first episode yesterday afternoon.  Now I need to watch Sunday's Downton Abbey episode and I'll be good on tv viewing. 

My oldest: just woke up from his nap. He's been such a good boy lately. They learned about kindness this week in school. I think it has rubbed off on him. He's been my favorite child lately. (Don't lie Moms...we all have a favorite at times...I'll admit it for you all.)

My Daughter:  is still napping. I hope she wakes up happier. She wanted to stay awake & play princesses instead of nap. Unfortunately Mom told her no. 

My youngest: is quiet now. Never mind...he's not. I better go! See you guys later.

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