Monday, February 25, 2013

Little Dude is 13 Months Old

Our Little Dude turned 13 months old on Saturday. Month one of toddler-hood is complete. I still find it strange sometimes to even consider him a toddler, but all those parenting apps & emails I signed up for while pregnant with him assure me he's a toddler now. And I suppose they are right...he does toddle all around the house now. I always knew he was smart, but here lately it is even clearer to me how smart my son is about life. He imitates us a lot now and is figuring out more & more how things work. I am definitely his MAMA (written in caps since he will scream it to get my attention.) Siri (the iphone lady) and he converse regularly. Okay mostly she gets confused by his language skills, but sometimes he actually does get her to look something up. I'm most impressed. Thank you Apple for inventing her if only to entertain my son & myself. Today he decided apparently that Ga ga (Gracie his favorite of the cats) needed to use my iphone so he put the phone in her bed with her...which is where I found it when I needed to make a call. :-)

He remains in the same size clothes & diapers from the previous month. The transition from formula to whole milk isn't going well so we have a call into his pediatrician hopefully to remedy this issue. I think he may not be able to tolerate milk by itself, as he does just fine with yogurt & cheese. He got tooth number 7 last week and is cutting tooth number 8 this week. With the obvious exception of the whole milk, he does great with all other foods. Sometimes he spits things out but I keep trying things out with him.
I recently began bringing him to Mass again and he does pretty well. He loves all his adopted Grandparents at church and they adore him too. The church has decided to baptize him & his sister together, so hopefully this summer he will finally be baptized. I really slacked on that one. :-(

Speaking of his sister...Little Miss finally has a name. She will be Julia Susan. Julia is a name my husband and I both like and Susan is both of our mother's first names (though my MIL goes by her middle name.) I am very happy we've got her named.

Who watched the Oscars? I did and am tempted to blog a few thoughts on them in a later post. Stay Tuned!

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) Your lil one is growing up :) I do love how my son and siri have convos too :) it's the best!! and excited you will be able to baptize both your children together! that will make it more special :) xoxo