Friday, February 15, 2013

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...

and it clearly motivates me to do things I put off doing. 

Here in the big ole' PacNorWest (that's Pacific Northwest, for you non-military folks) the sun is often a novelty. Today it is out and shining directly on my back and creating a hideous glare on my computer and though a tad warm for me, I'm relishing in it. After days of grey I am enjoying every second of the sun I can get. 
SO....what have we been up to lately? That's a good question!

Matthew: is now walking (toddling is a better word) on his own pretty much all the time. He only stops to crawl occasionally. Thankfully we live in baby gate central, so I can keep him fairly well contained. I haven't yet tried letting him walk in a public place.  He's teething & fighting a small cold all in the same week. It's been a tad stressful on me the Mom, but we're managing.  I taught him to use the pots in the kitchen as amused him for 5 seconds while I was baking cookies.

He celebrated his 2nd Valentine's Day with lots of Momma loving and I got him a book again this year. I let him eat a bit of shortbread cookie and Daddy gave him a bite of chocolate covered strawberry, otherwise we played it healthily. Yes, I am that conservative food conscience parent. (Someday if you convince me, I'll blog about why this is the case.)

Me: I'm 27 weeks pregnant. I got my Tdap shot this week at the ob/gyn and did my glucose test. I must have passed it since I didn't get a call saying otherwise. The lady in the lab at my doc's office is amazing and remembered me (it's totally the little things like this in health care that impress me.)  I'm at the weight gain point where my body just doesn't like to be at....and this is where you all throw things at me and hate just hurts more & more to carry it on my frame.  Baby girl is healthy though and she is on the smaller side compared to her brother. My doctor isn't concerned yet, but I am. Maybe she's taking after me though, we'll see.

Otherwise, I've been dealing with student loans and moving. Yes, you read it right-moving. We've been assigned a bigger home and will be moving to a new place on the base. It's a 1 story home, but I love the layout and space. Hopefully we'll know our move date soon.

Avery: is working and going to school. The schedule he's got going right now is crazy. He's basically never home during the week. Oh well...we're a military family so it's just our normal I suppose.

Whelp, gotta go....Little Dude is awake and I need to give him kisses.

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