Sunday, February 3, 2013

Matthew Turns 1!

On January 23rd, Little Dude turned 1 year old. This meant so much. His first year of life on the outside, my first year of motherhood, Avery's first year of fatherhood and I could go on....

Eating a birthday cupcake
The first day of his life I could hardly imagine a whole year passing by me. He's gone from a tiny baby to a growing boy.  I am still in the process of finishing the letter from me to him detailing his 1st year of life. Hopefully it'll be done before he turns 2. ;-)

Pinterest inspired craft for him.

His birthday onesie. I had an iron-on made for him on Etsy. It was perfect!
On his actual birthday, Avery had school & work pretty much all day so we just did a cupcake for his snack and then celebrated on the weekend when Avery was able to be home.  We got him a cozy coupe little car. He had a great time playing in it. His favorite part is opening/closing the car door & gas cap. Haha! It's so amusing to watch him.

12 month stats: Matthew still has 6 teeth, beginning to wear 9month and bigger clothes (He's quite long and very skinny.) Still in size 3 diapers. Is down to 3 bottles a day, the rest is table food with sippy cups of water. We're gradually going from formula to milk. He plays pretty well independently. His favorite toys are still ones that play music and anything that rolls or moves. He has a ball pit which rocks his socks off. (Speaking of that, he's a Hawaii boy at heart...since he is always pulling his socks off.) He will take a step or 2 independently but then gets scared and wants to hold onto something. I am just waiting for the day that he just takes off on me!

Otherwise we are doing well. Little Miss has a middle name, and hopefully will have a first name soon. :-)

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