Thursday, January 20, 2011

Long Rant

So my husband extended on the boat last year, for another year so he could go on this year's Westpac deployment. Well apparently the idiots who deal with inputting data from the old paper service record (they just went paperless), never inputted this extension...soooo according to my health insurance which is controlled by the DEERS system, Avery was terminated by the military at the beginning of this year. However, everywhere else says he's still active duty. Yet, until this one system is fixed, I have no health care eligibility of any sort. I called the hotline that they say to call and get an idiot with no sympathetic bone in his body. He tells me my husband's Yeoman (fancy name for people that handle administrative stuff/very important to have) is an idiot and that we never told the military system he was extending. Of course I freak out; this man just says I am out of luck and he cannot do anything. I hang up and find the paper service record that we now have in our possession and what do you know...the paperwork stating he extended on the boat is right there. Signed, sealed and mentioned. So what is the solution now?? I have to somehow get my husband out of work in time to go down to the computer records place and have them update it.
So you want to know where your tax dollars are going??? To pay the unhelpful guy on the phone who is supposed to manage my entire record of info with the military.
End rant!


  1. Call your command ombudsman. That's just inexcusable. I wish I could say that yours is a rare case, but Jason's told me about guys who've had their entire service records lost. We make a copy of everything now.

  2. Unnecessary extra work for you, including the time you have to put into talking and searching and just the stress of everything. Hope you'll get to resolve this issue soon.