Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 1

A picture of yourself with ten facts.

(As a senior in high school. I am on the desktop PC and don't like any of my other options.)
Ten facts:
1. I recently experimented with typing my grocery list out on the computer. Not sure if I like this method, but may try refining it.
2. Sometimes I feel like the idiot of my book club, because most of the rest have Phd.'s and/or are retired physicists. Not sure how I ended up in that kind of mix, but I like them all.
3. My husband recently asked me to consider staying in Hawaii for another 3 or 4 years....I am still contemplating whether I could do that or not.
4. I think I am going to learn to scuba dive while Avery is gone on this upcoming deployment.
5. My dog can have a mohawk if I comb his hair the right way.
6. I need more color in terms of dress clothes. I have lots of black.
7. We don't own a coffee maker.
8. I have faith that I will see the Cubs in the World Series before I die...along with every other Cubs fan in the world. ;-)
9. I am looking for a pair of high heels with anchors on them.
10. Parts of my left side are still numb from a surgery I had 12 years ago, despite the doctor saying the feeling would come back.

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