Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Awesome...I love when dates have numbers that line up like that. Wouldn't it be neat to have a baby born today?

Speaking of a baby.....our baby adventure continues. Trigger shot did not work, as I thought, so we are doing a Clomid cycle and IUI this month. I feel very positive about this cycle and feel that we are finally doing something that has a great chance of success. Now admittedly, part of me is not believing that everything will work, but I think after all that we've been through that is natural. I am pretty calm for the most part and so I hope that helps.

We had a great holiday season. My Mom was here and we had a lot of fun. Avery turned 35 and got some great presents. He was pleased and I was happy to see him pleased.

Mom and I wearing our matching shirts! :-)

Our HP laptop crashed and won't even do a recovery. I really think we got a lemon, because it's been nothing but issues for us from day one. We have a store warranty on it, so I need to call them and see what can be done. I think tax money will go towards a new laptop (just what I wanted to buy...not!) I am very grateful for a fabulous Dell desktop, which has been with me since I graduated high school 8 years ago. I added some memory to it a few years ago, but other then that it is still kicking, even after a few dozen moves & a plane ride to Hawaii!

Now the house is quiet...Mom left on Saturday and Avery is working. I have a lot more time to sit & ponder. Okay, sleep...my reaction to Clomid is exhaustion.
I have another saline sonogram on Thursday....just to check out the ole' uterus and see if she can handle everything.
I feel a little restless. I need to do something. It's time to get a job again. My hunt begins!

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