Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Typical Saturday Duty Day

Preface: Duty days mean that my husband is on the submarine all day/night and doesn't come home until the next day. Avery is currently on 4-section, which means he has duty every 4 days...sometimes it's 3-section, but we're currently lucky.

So today, while I was doing nothing with my weekend I got to thinking of what the typical weekend duty day is like (it's totally different for me during the week.)

7:30am: Take spouse to duty and tell him to text me.
7:45am: Get home and go back to sleep.
9am: Get up and check email.
10:15am: Finally eat breakfast and wonder what to do with myself.
11:00am: Call Mom for entertainment.
Noon: Print coupons and contemplate a trip to Target.
12:30pm: Clean up the patio and do dishes.
12:50pm: Wander around the house wondering what to do with myself.
1pm: Watch tv/read a book and fall asleep.
2pm: Wake up to dog whining...let him out.
2:03pm: Tell dog to stop barking.
2:30pm: Wander about the house again feeling bored.
3:15pm: Finally go to Target to kill time.
4pm: Realize car gas gauge is on empty; get gas and turn up the radio full blast when Madonna's Vogue comes on.
4:01pm: Text Avery lyrics to Macarena just for the hell of it.
4:30pm: Eat popcorn and flip channels as there is nothing good to watch.
5pm: Avery texts back finally.
5:30pm: He must be bored, he's still texting.
6pm: Play Jeopardy on Nintendo DS and think I should've made plans with someone whose spouse is deployed.
7pm: Play some silly shark game on the internet.
8pm: Add more books to my virtual book shelf.
9pm: Think that maybe I should eat dinner
10pm: Decide to go to bed, because I have nothing else to do.

Hope you enjoyed a look into my life.

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