Wednesday, January 7, 2015

31 Day Blog Challenge, Day 7: 10 Favorite Foods

Aloha! Today's prompt is 10 favorite foods. It's no secret if you follow me on Pinterest that I LOVE food! When I am stressed I can hardly eat, but dang when I am feeling good about life, I can eat.
Tonight's dinner was pot roast and I must say I thought it was exceedingly kids on the other hand, while they aren't fans....yet!

So onto the prompt!  10 of my favorite foods (in no particular order):

1. Pizza

2. A juicy cheeseburger

3. Tacos/Mexican food

4. Strawberries

5. French Fries

6. Ground turkey (So kind of a strange one, but I say this because I've been replacing beef with turkey for almost 2 years now and it just makes the food so delicious! Plus it's healthier, so win win.)

7. Macaroni & Cheese

8. Hot Pretzels with cheese

9. Cotton Candy (hot & fresh...none of that store bought bagged stuff)

10. Popcorn (My husband is a movie buff, so I make him bring me home popcorn every single time, which reminds me....I think he needs to see a new movie soon.)

Did anyone else notice most of these include cheese? I love good cheese! :)

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  1. Yummy! Some of my favorites too although we're on the Whole 30 eating plan right now so strawberries and ground turkey are the only things on your list that we're allowed. I haven't really branched into substituting ground beef with ground turkey but I should try it.