Thursday, January 1, 2015

31 Day Challenge- Introduction

It's January 1st of 2015 and I figured what better way to start off the new year then with an amazing 31 day blog challenge. I first saw this challenge on my friend Tammy's Facebook page. After a little searching, I found the original source.

Check it out here!

In case the type is too small, the first day is introduction!

My name is Liz. I'm nearly 30. I currently plant my dot on the map in Western Washington state.  A place that I am basically allergic to (no really I have so many allergies to mold/grass/tress etc...that I really say I am allergic to living here. It's nuts.)
Originally I am from the Midwest.  A place I couldn't wait to get out of as fast as possible, but now miss a ton!
I am a wife to a sailor in case you missed that part.
I am a Mom to 2 kids and 2 cats (the dog lives with my Mother in Law.)
I am an Ombudsman for the Navy and do everything there is to support Navy personal & their families. I can't say no to anything (well except that one thing I did say no to and still feel a twinge guilty about.)
I danced ballet for years and now just follow it religiously.
I read as much as possible. I managed 48 adult books in 2014. I was hoping for 52, but I'll take it. Now if we counted kids books I really would've made my goal.
My friends continue to span the globe. Hi Danee in Aussie!!! <--- and="" australia.="" away="" br="" friend="" furthest="" i="" in="" know="" love="" my="" nbsp="" people="" s="" she="" that="">I'm a Catholic. An actual practicing Catholic. Except I haven't been to confession since 2003.
And I am generally just happy, energetic and love life.  Minus the days I've had enough of the grey here and then I am just tired!

Ps. I love Pinterest. Check mine out!

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