Sunday, January 11, 2015

31 Day Blog Challenge, Days 10 & 11

So I guess I've gone to every other day now. I've just been too tired to make blogging happen everyday now. goes:

Day 10: First Celebrity Crush

My first celebrity crush was an actor named Andrew Keegan.  You can check him out here.  I only recall thinking he was cute. I've never been too goo goo gah gah crazy over celebrities though. I remember a girl from church told me I should write him a letter, so I did, and then never sent it. I didn't even think he'd been in anything recently. but according to IMDB he has! Who knew! I clearly haven't followed him.

Day 11: Most Proud Moment

This is easy. I've never been more proud of myself then the day I got my college degree.  It took so much longer then I'd have ever planned and to finally get it was amazing! Just knowing I did it makes me smile still.

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