Sunday, January 11, 2015

52 Weeks of Memories- Week 1

Finding Myself Young 52 Weeks of Memories

Sooo...I am sure this should've been posted sooner, but what can I say. Too many blog challenges going on right now.  To participate in this one, check out the blog, Finding Myself Young

The prompt for Week 1 is Summer. Obviously for the folks in Australia, where the blog challenge stems from, this makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately I am where it is nowhere near summer. So this week you get an old photo. 

This is my handsome hubby and my super cute son riding the carousel at the local county fair over the summer. Summer here is nice and carefree for me. I love summer!


  1. That looks like a fun challenge!

  2. Yay glad your doing it again Liz (sorry about the summer prompt lol).