Saturday, December 19, 2015

Candy Canes

Day 19: Candy Canes. 

When it comes to candy canes...I have liked them my whole life. This year I was feeling cheap and bought the 99 cent ones from the commissary. Unfortunately they are not that tasty, though Julia likes them. That's what I get for just grabbing the cheapest box. 
The Christmas I was pregnant with Julia I ate an enormous amount of candy canes. Then this past winter while pregnant with Benjamin I ate our leftover candy canes plus my Mom's leftover candy canes. Something about peppermint was what I needed with both of their pregnancies. My desire for them this year has waned considerably and probably more so since the ones in my house taste awful.

I like candy cane decor as well. Maybe when we buy our forever home, we can get these outdoor decorations. They always look festive to me. 

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