Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Capturing December!

My planner buddy/friend Pamela has found us another blog challenge to do! (She's really keeping me in line with blogging!)

Day 1 is "your view today."  I am going to be honest here and tell you that the photo below is not my exact view today. That picture is from when Julia was like a month old so it's over 2 years old. However the concept is the same. My view is the computer.  I am working on Christmas cards & our Christmas letter, so while the kiddos nap I am working. Blogging counts too!

I got all my Christmas shopping done by December 1st. All I've got left to do now is wait on my Snapfish order to get here and do some crafts for people.  Plus WRAP, WRAP, WRAP. Can I please pay someone to wrap gifts for me?? The amount of dread I've got going on towards that task is enormous! Someone inspire me please!!

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