Sunday, December 6, 2015

Shopping!!! I love Shopping!

Day 6: SHOPPING!! I love shopping. It's fun and a great hobby. Haha!!
Except grocery shopping. That is just not fun like it used to be. True story: a friend in high school gave me a gift card to Dominick's for Christmas one year b/c I loved grocery shopping. My Mom gave up grocery shopping as soon as I had a driver's license. I did it all for her and LOVED it. I couponed and checked store circulars. It was fun for me. Then we had 3 kids and grocery shopping is just one of those "hurry and get it done as fast as possible" things.
Literally every time I grocery shop these days people have to stop me & comment on how many children I have. It's truly the most annoying thing! Yes, we have 3 kids and yes we love them and can take care of them. End story.

Sometimes when Matthew is at preschool though, I can take just Julia and Benjamin to Target and we have a grand ole time. Matthew sometimes get jealous though and asks us not to go without him.

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