Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Scarves and cookies

Drum roll's DAY 23! The theme is scarf. So I've gotta be honest here. I like buying scarves, but then I rarely wear them. Obviously growing up in the Midwest, it was cold & snowy in the winter, so I wore them. Then I never wore them in Hawaii. Now that we're in WA, I don't wear them that often either. BUT back when we first arrived I just KNEW I'd wear scarves again. So on Black Friday 2012, I saw a fleece houndstooth scarf in the Target ad and I HAD to have it. It's a lovely scarf that normally sits nicely rolled up in my coat closet.

I unrolled it just for you!

Today the kiddos and I spent time decorating sugar cookie Christmas trees. I cheated, b/c baking is not really my thing, and bought a cute cookie kit from the Commissary last night. It was perfect as it included cookies, 2 colors of frosting and sprinkles. Easy done!

I am so excited for Christmas. I'm dying for the kids to open their gifts already.


  1. I LOVE your scarf! Sophia would go crazy for that - she's all about houndstooth these days.

    1. I should probably give it to Sophia. Seriously I think I've worn it once. My kids played with it today.