Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Catching Up! December delivers!

Sorry, sorry, sorry! We traveled on Christmas day and I just couldn't get back here until now! How was your Christmas? Ours was very, very nice!!
Christmas Eve we did our usual go to Mass thing (where I didn't get a picture this year...😟) and home to eat pizza. It was awesome! We got up leisurely the next morning, I made cinnamon rolls and we ate breakfast in between opening presents. Then we cleaned up the house, packed up the car and headed to my Mom's in Portland, Oregon. Where we then opened more presents and had a lovely ham dinner! (Have I mentioned I LOVE a good honey baked ham at the holidays? I asked my Mom and she delivered. Thanks Mom!)

Day 25: Morning! 

Gifts galore! Benjamin loved the mayhem!

Day 26: Grateful

I'm grateful for God the Father and his son Jesus Christ.

Day 27: Nightime 

I am ready for bed, my kids are all asleep in their beds and the house is quiet!

Day 28: Words

A craft project I did several months ago. It's maps of all the places we've lived together and where we each grew up spliced together on canvas. I adore this one.

Day 29: Sky View

I don't have a picture for this one. It's grey winter in WA. The sky view from my house is not pretty.

Day 30: Your Winter Wonderland 

It snowed on Sunday. Our first of the winter and possibly only of the winter here. Of course I took no pictures, oops!!

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