Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fa la la la la....a day to be lazy!

It's a stay home & veg out day at our house today. The kiddos and I are getting over colds (again!!!) and Matthew was up coughing a lot last night. So instead of our exciting Costco trip, I've decided we should stay home, do laundry, watch tv and eat snacks.  (Okay so the tv watching is the kids, I am still scoring papers for work.) Costco will have to wait until this will give me time to read this month's edition of Stuff I didn't Know I Needed.. Until I went to Costco  GO READ it. It's hilarious and really true!

Today's topic is Outside Christmas Lights. Soo here's the issue...we don't have any outside Christmas lights. We've always said we'd wait to do that kind of thing when we buy our "forever house."   This always worked out splendidly in military housing, but here in a civilian neighborhood we stick out like sore thumbs! In fact the HOA in this neighborhood hosts a contest for best lights. Clearly we aren't winning. BUT that has made for a lot of nice lights to look at in our own neighborhood.  One of our neighbors has some really pretty ribbon with big ornaments & lights all together. Such a nice looking house. If I can get a picture without looking like a stalker, I'll share with you.

Do you decorate the house with outside lights?

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  1. Oh we are the same way! This is our first Christmas in our new house and we look like the Scrooges of the neighborhood. We figured with all the other things we were buying for the house this year, we'd wait on outside Christmas lights. Maybe I'll buy a bunch on sale the day after and be ready for next year. haha!