Thursday, December 17, 2015


Good Evening all or maybe I should say Night since it's nearly 9pm here on the Pacific Coast? Regardless...wherever you're joining me from....hello! How was your day? My day consisted of getting everything done I didn't do yesterday. SOO...after paying bills and grading a million high school essays I loaded the troops into the car, got Matthew from preschool (by the way, am I crazy for being sad it's Christmas break from school?!?), we delivered our fancy aero bed to my friend, hit the post office, went to Joann's, Michael's (only because the people at Joann's had no clue what I was talking about...grr!!), Costco and the library! Whew!! Oh and traffic was a nightmare everywhere. Isn't it too early for nightmare traffic in the middle of the day around here?? Christmas is next week...not this week.

Now that you've thought to yourselves "Liz is nuts" let's get on with the prompt!  

Today's prompt is PRESENTS!!! I LOVE presents; giving & receiving them. Santa (aka Avery aka my amazing husband) already brought me one of my gifts. Avery got me an iPad air. I was SOOO surprised, which is amazing for 2 reasons: 1. It's hard to surprise me. 2. I have been asking/bugging/annoying everyone about an iPad for like 2 or 3 years.  Apparently my husband caved, either that or he was bored of buying me purses for Christmas which I also annoyingly always ask for as well.  

This thing rocks!

Speaking of presents, today Matthew came home with loads of cute stuff from preschool. They made St. Nicholas ornaments, stockings and even some wrapped gifts. He wanted us to open everything tonight, but I told him we needed to wait so he loved putting them under the Christmas tree.
Matthew is really fun when it comes to gifts. 

Alright peeps...I've gotta go. I need to add up the scoring on those million papers I scored. 

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