Saturday, December 5, 2015

Weatherman says Rain!

Day 5: Today's temperature! See below. It's in the mid-40s and raining here. A cold, very wet rain. Also known as completely normal for this time of year here. Apparently Farmer's Almanac says we're in for some heavy snow this winter. We shall see I suppose!

Today was the Children's party for my husband's job. He unfortunately wasn't able to come for longer than a second to say hello since he's doing his drill weekend with the Reserves. Santa is there, they can decorate cookies & cupcakes, play games, jump in bouncy houses and run around. It's wild! The kids had a great time though. In fact they had so much fun that we didn't make it to another party we were supposed to attend! Oops!

As far as the Santa experience, Matthew was excited, Julia got scared/shy and Benjamin was fine. He was especially happy since my friend Martha was there and he LOVES being held by "Auntie" Martha.

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