Monday, November 2, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 2: Home

Courtesy of My Crazy Blessed Life
Day 2! The theme is HOME! Home is a tough one for me as I think I've mentioned before. I've lived several different places in so many different houses. For example, we've lived in WA state for 3.5 years now and are in our 3rd house here (and shoot me now I hate'll be a 4th house next summer.)  I generally have always thought of home as where my Mom is located. However she moved to Portland, OR in August and is moving into a new house there this month (10 days to be exact.)  I've got no attachment to that house, so it's not really home. Oregon isn't home etc etc. I think you get the picture. Illinois was my home base forever. Now I have a WA drivers license thanks to Illinois not allowing me to renew via mail I had to get one (for a state with 2 former governors in prison you'd think they'd be less picky...just sayin'.) So I guess that means WA is now home according to the government.   
In honor of are 2 pictures from mid-August. They capture the real beauty of the PACNORWEST to me. Sun was setting as I drove home from a local state park. It was summer and life was beautiful. This is the WA that awes me.

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