Saturday, November 28, 2015

US Navy Ombudsman


Day 28: Mentor!! Oh boy...I am so unsure of where to go with this one. I can't pick just one person who stands out to me as a mentor. Obviously my Mom is the epitome of grace and therefore the main mentor in my life.  Besides her....I am kind of stumped honestly and I feel awful saying that.

I will say though that the United States Navy Ombudsman program as a whole did a huge amount of mentoring for me.  So I am going to say that my mentor was not just one singular person, but instead a program that introduced me to a lot of people & a lot of ideas. I look at situations and at the world in general in a different light thanks to that program and getting to be apart of it. I am more confident in myself. I also put more effort into ME thanks to having been an Ombudsman. I feel like being an Ombudsman pushed me to be the person I always knew I was but had a really hard time showing to the outside world.  I am so grateful and really proud to be part of such a great thing that the Navy offers.  It's fun for me to teach new Ombudsman now and know that I am impacting so many people. 

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  1. The Omb program changed my view on helping people, in a positive way.