Saturday, November 14, 2015

Days 13 & 14....My Friday novella

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I missed blogging yesterday because I pretty much spent the whole dang day in the car. My MIL and her bestie are visiting (pause for a moment to marvel at the fact that they've been BFFs for 50 freaking awesome is that?!?) and we went north of Seattle to an outlet mall. It was pouring not even tolerable rain, but hard, cold, annoying rain. I pulled out of my driveway at 8am, picked them up at their hotel, got on a ferry, drove to the outlet mall, shopped, stopped at a Babies R Us, drove back to into Seattle where a stupid bicyclist yelled at me (OMG Seattle can you please stop this madness where bicyclists get to rule the freaking world??), back on a ferry, drove to dinner, dropped them off at their hotel, and finally pulled back into my driveway about 9pm! Whew...long day! I am proud though that I managed to get all 3 kids sleeping by 10:30pm so I could go to bed myself. that I wrote a novella for you.....
Day 13 was animal. I kind of already touched on that when I wrote about my Gracie cat's death over the summer. I am not really sure what else I can say on that topic. So to keep it brief I am grateful for that animal having been in my life. We have a male cat, Blackie and after he passes over the rainbow bridge, I think I may just want to be pet free for awhile. Pets are a lot of work!

Day, yay! Tradition. There's a lot to be said for tradition. I am thankful that there is such a thing as tradition. I love traditions. For our family, we've started a tradition where we eat pizza on Christmas Eve after Mass. I love this one! 
In the military there are tons of traditions. These traditions are important, since they remind me of why I am proud to be an American. 


  1. I am so far behind but I WILL get caught up this weekend! Really enjoying reading your posts. Any great scores at the outlets?

    1. No major score. I got some clothes for the kids and a shirt for me. It was so wet out that my mood for scoring deals was diminished. I saw the planner all those ladies were talking about at Kate Spade and it was so small! Not usable at all for me.