Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Day 25: Kindess


I am going to be honest here. I've got no clue where to go with this theme today. I am starting to run out of ides with this one. I am very thankful it pushed me to keep blogging all month though. I knew I could blog, I needed that PUSH to get me going. I've heard if you do something every day for a month it starts to become a habit or something....did I read that right?

When I think of kindness...I think of the kindness of people around me. Whether it's a friend or a stranger. I always appreciate the people who help me in stores when the kids are super active. Or the people who will take my shopping cart for me as I am trying to get the kids back in the car.

I think sometimes people think kindness has to be a grandiose thing, when in reality it's often the simple things that are best. The friend who lets you come over with your kids to charge your cell phone while the power is out, the cashier who gives your kids a sticker, the time your husband just knows to give you a hug etc etc.  The person who texts you randomly to just talk about something simple. It reminds you that you are a human and that you exist.  

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