Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 23: Homemade with a Healthy Dose of Ramblings


[All 3 kids are sleeping and so is the cat. My house is blessedly quiet for a quick minute....can I get a Hallelujah since we know this won't last long thanks to Benjamin being off his schedule.]

Day 23....Handmade. This word can mean many things and I am not really sure where to go with it today.  I suppose I'll go with something I'd like for Christmas. As you all know by know I use/adore/obsess over my Erin Condren Life Planner. My Mom asked me if that's what I wanted for Christmas again this year and I *gasp* declined. Instead I'll buy my own ECLP and have her get me one of these gorgeous planner covers. This amazing shop on Etsy sells awesome looking covers for the ECLP where you just slip the planner in and it's got a built/sewn in pen holder (I didn't like the pen holder from Erin didn't work well for me) and holds other odds & ends. Plus it protects the life planner when it's in your bag getting beat up.

Check this one out, here  It's not secret I adore all things Paris, so that is a nice one. There's also a nautical theme. I gave my Mom free reign here. I sent her a link to the Etsy shop and she'll surprise me with what she picks out. 

Speaking of Michael Kors bag that I got on super sale last Christmas to help me carry the ECLP & my other crap has really not lasted. It was a great looking bag, but man the material did not hold up. I love MK, but admit to being fairly disappointed in this bag.  So I am in search of a great bag to hold everything I drag everywhere with me. (Ps. I am a  a bag snob....just in case you didn't know.)
I know some Moms just use their diaper bags, but I can't seem to do that. I need a separate purse that does not have diapers, toys & more in it. 

On a random side note: I just realized I am drinking caffeine at 4pm. I never allow myself to drink caffeine after 3pm. Oops! Maybe that'll help me get through my crazy grocery list with 3 kids who I'll inevitably being dragging kicking & screaming one of them with me (I am guessing child she seems to hate grocery shopping lately...even cookies don't tempt her into coming with peacefully.)

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